Building more than stonework.

Ed MacGregor Park Entryway

These stone pillars once stood at the entryway of the Sooke Harbour Hotel, located at the western end of the Sooke River bridge, to welcome patrons when it opened in 1913. Following a massive fire that burned the Hotel to the ground, the rock pillars were the only segment of the hotel that was left standing. In 2002, Martin Swift Construction played a part in moving and reconstructing the original stone pillars in Ed MacGregor Park. These stone pillars are reminders of a glamorous piece of Sooke’s heritage, while also serving as portals to the park and beacons for the future.

Roche Cove Regional Park Staircase

In 2014, Martin Swift Construction built this set of stone stairs out of locally sourced rock for the Capital Regional District’s Roche Cove Regional Park to upgrade its rest area.

Shirley Community

Martin Swift Construction donated it’s time and materials towards upgrading the Memorial Pavilion in Remembrance Park, co-owned by the Shirley Community Association and the Shirley Fire Department. A fire pit barbecue was built, which included a charcoal grill, a propane hot plate, and a fireplace opening surround. Over 100 tiles handmade by local children and adults were incorporated into the project’s design.

Since its refurbishment in 2001, the Memorial Pavilion has been well-used on fire practice nights as well as by the community for many different occasions, including their annual Shirley Day and Pancake Day.

Sooke Region Museum & Visitor Centre

This two-stage project started in 2006 and finished in 2013. A barbecue, hot plate, oven and chimney were all incorporated into the build’s design. The outdoor kitchen and chimney have been used over the years by various school groups to learn about various topics, such as Indigenous cooking culture. The area is also used for local summer markets!